Sports and entertainment law


With the rapid growth of professionalism in the areas of sport and entertainment, legal rights in these areas are very valuable. Hayman Lawyers can help professional sports persons and entertainers negotiate contracts that will adequately protect and remunerate them for the skills that they have developed in their field. We can also advise contract holders of their rights and obligations. We have helped clubs on their rules and disputes with their members.


  • We can negotiate contracts on your behalf, whether you are a contract holder or a sportsperson/entertainer
  • We can advise you how you can best protect yourself and your skills
  • We can prepare and peruse legal contracts
  • We can represent you and advise you on appearances before professional bodies/organisations
  • We can help with club constitutions and member disputes


For specialist advice in relation to sports or entertainment law, please contact Roger Hayman or John Evans.

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