Why it's worth doing a check before buying that house

Buying a house is the biggest financial commitment that most of us will make. And we all know that things can go wrong. Leaky homes, earthquake damage - we all feel sorry for owners who find their dream home isn't as much of a dream as they thought.    The truth is, there's a lot going on when we're trying to   Read More

Asking for help if your business is in trouble

  No business ever wants to end up in financial trouble or legal strife, but when things start to go pear shaped, you need a good lawyer. That’s where we can come in.   It’s best to avoid trouble in the first place if possible of course – so getting some advice on issues like structuring   Read More

Land Transfer Tax statements – what you need to know

  Most of us don’t buy new homes or land very often, so our clients are still sometimes surprised that they now have to complete a Land Transfer Tax Statement – and that they have to do it before settlement. Leaving it to the last minute isn’t helpful, particularly if it’s a trust or   Read More

Insulating homes against legal trouble

  Many ordinary families now own an investment property or two, but how many of them are completely familiar with their obligations as landlords? Unfortunately for them – and their tenants – the answer is not as many as you’d expect.   Well, last year the law got tougher on landlords   Read More

Removing an incapacitated trustee

It's legally awkward as well as personally sad when your fellow trustee develops dementia and no longer has capacity to make decisions. What happens, for example, when you want or need to sell the family home which is owned by the trust, but one of the trustees can't act any longer?   The answer is that you need to   Read More

The expanding definition of 'personal information'

Our privacy specialist, Katrine Evans, did a presentation last week to relaunch the Privacy Commissioner's occasional seminar series "PrivacyLive". The topic was what kinds of information are covered by the Privacy Act.   It's a subject that's always had some grey areas, but new technology is pushing the boundaries   Read More

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